Instant Setup

Most of the time new server orders are setup instantly after the invoice has been marked as paid. 

What if my server order was paid for and not setup instantly?

If you server was not setup right away there are a few possible causes:

1. High volume of orders.

At times when there is a high volume of orders it can take longer for your server to be setup. 

2. Fraud check.

If your order is marked for manual review by our fraud check software it can delay setup. This most often occurs with the first order of a brand new account.

If you are paying with PayPal, check to see if you are using a verified account. Consider paying with Bitcoin if you are able to, as Bitcoin payments are more secure they are always accepted.

What to do?

If 12 hours has passed and your order is still not setup, contact the billing department by opening a ticket inside your accoount. We can assist you with your order.

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