How to apply a promo code

Occasionally, we will release special promo codes. All promo codes are different and unique; some may be for new clients, some may be for exising clients, and some may be for everyone. Some promo codes may only last for one day while others may last for a week or more.

However, note that all SecuredSpeed promo codes can only be applied to new service orders.

How to Apply a Promo Code:

1. Once you select a service, you will be taken to the first order page. On the first order page you will be able to configure your service and choose your billing cycle.

2. Click the "Checkout" button to go to the second order page. On the second order page you will be able to enter a promo code (and if the promo code is eligible to be applied to this order, your price will be adjusted).  

3. Complete checkout and pay as normal.

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