OwnCloud OS Template

When using the "reinstall" option on your VPS in the Server Management Control Panel, you will see the option to use a "OwnCloud [Debian 6 32bit]" OS template. This template will provide you with OwnCloud software automatically installed, setup, and ready to use on your VPS.

This tempate is not officially supported by SecuredSpeed, however we provide it as a convience to our clients.

After the reinstall is complete (give it a few minutes to finish), you are done.

OwnCloud login URL:  http://youserverip/
Username: cloudadmin
Password: cloud123

It is recomenneded that you change this password right away after you first login.

OwnCloud configuration file: var/www/owncloud/config/config.php

Need help with your OwnCloud setup? Go here:

http://doc.owncloud.org/ or http://forum.owncloud.org

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