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You can find the "SecuredSpeed VPS Manager" on the Android Market by searching for "securedspeed".

The SecuredSpeed VPS Manager gives you real time access to:

-Your servers current status.
-Your servers current memory, disk, and bandwidth usage.
-The ability to boot, reboot, and shutdown your server.

How to start:

When you first launch the app, you will see a blank screen. To begin, press the menu icon on your phone (In Android 4.4 on phones like the Nexus 4, this is typically a "..." icon in the lower right hand corner of your phone screen) and select the "Add" button to add a server to the app.

VPS Nickname: Enter any name here you would like.

API Key: Enter your API Key here.

API Hash: Enter your API Hash here.

Then click "Save".

How to get an API Key and Hash:

Sign into the SecuredSpeed Server Management Control Panel as you normally would as a SecuredSpeed client. Select the "API" tab on the server that you want to manage. Click "generate". You will then recieve your unique API key and API Hash.

If you have any feedback about the app or need any more assistance, feel free to let us know in a support ticket. We created this app for you and hope that you find it useful.

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