How to Install cPanel/WHM


cPanel/WHM is a control panel that allows you to manage Web, Mail, DNS, and Database services through a web based graphical interface. cPanel is commercial software and requires a license to use. If you would like to purchase a license from us, you can open up a ticket with billing.

cPanel/WHM requires that you have a server with a minimum of 512MB of ram. However, 1GB+ of ram is recommended for best performance.

For the latest information, use the official guide HERE.

Step 1

Reinstall your VPS with a fresh copy of CentOS 6 32bit. You can do this by going into your server management control panel, and choosing "reinstall".

Step 2

Enter the "serial console" (also available in your server management control panel) or SSH into your server.

Step 3

Run the following commands in your console:

# cd /home
# wget -N
# sh latest

The install process is quite long and often takes over an hour to finish so come back to check on it later.

Step 4

After the install finishes you can access the WHM interface at the following link:


Login as root and use your root password.

Note: We do not offer technical support for this or any other software that you may run on your VPS.


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