How to Install VNC

This guide will walk you thru the steps to install VNC on Ubuntu.

Note: VNC can use a lot of ram. If you are on a low ram plan it is not recommended that use use VNC; the experience will be very slow or even unusable.


Step 1

Go into your server management control panel. Click "Serial Console". This will give you console access to your server to enter commands.


Step 2

Type the following command into your console and hit enter:

# sudo apt-get update


Step 3

Now we will install the ubuntu-desktop package. Enter the following command into your console and hit enter:

# apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

This will take some time to finish.


Step 4

Now we will install Gnome Desktop Manager.

# apt-get install gdm


Step 5

Re-configure X server.

# dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg


Step 6

We will now start GDM.

# /etc/init.d/gdm start


Step 7

Now we will install the VNC server.

# apt-get install tightvncserver


Step 8

Now we need to open up the file ~/.vnc/xstartup in a text editor. We will use nano.

# nano ~/.vnc/xstartup

Type the following config into the file:

exec /etc/x11/xinit/xinitrc

xsetroot -solid grey
vncconfig -iconic &
xterm -geometry 1024x768 -ls -title "$VNCDESKTOP Desktop" &
exec gnome-session


Step 9

If you start your VNC server now, you would probably get a grey screen and an error. To fix that we need to chmod xstartup and xinitrc.

# chmod +x ~/.vnc/xstartup

# chmod +x /etc/x11/xinit/xinitrc

Now, reboot the server.

# reboot


Step 10

Start the VNC server.

# vncserver :1

You have installed VNC server on your VPS.


To connect to your VPS via VNC, you have to download a VNC viewer like TightVNC or RealVNC.

Once you install your VNC viewer, you can connect to your server with:  "yourserveripaddress:5901"


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