Nov 7th Security Patch

All VPS services are being rebooted tonight (Nov. 6th) to apply a critical VPS technology security patch. Sorry for the inconvience.

Jul 15th New Location

Miami, Florida location: We are happy to announce that in the coming weeks, the SecuredSpeed 'Miami, Florida' datacenter will be available for VPS orders.

Jun 24th Security Update

Server Maintenance: Servers are being updated to protect against a VPS technology security update that was released today. Client services will be restarted and brought back online. Sorry for the inconvenience.

May 15th Now Accepting Bitcoin

We are happy to annouce that we are now accepting Bitcoin payments along with our existing payment options that include PayPal and Credit Card.

For more information, see our article: Which forms of payment do you accept?

Apr 24th Planned Server Maintanence for May 2nd at 5PM EST - Free Hardware Upgrades

We are happy to announce FREE UPGRADES to our new VPS SSD powered server platform running Dual E5-2620 CPU's for all current VPS customers.Start Date: Friday, May 2nd, 2014 Start Time: 5:00PM EST (New York time)Description: Our systems administrators will move each VPS one by one from the old servers onto the new servers.Expected Impact: Our team ... Read More »

Nov 28th New Website Design

Our website redesign has officially launched. We hope you find it to be a clean, simple, modern, and easy to use interface.

Let us know what you think.

Dec 23rd Planned Server Maintenance for December 27, 2012

Planned Server Maintenance Date: December 27, 2012Start Time: 1:00AM EST (New York, USA time) Description: All VPS plans will be moved onto brand new servers. As part of this move, there will be a service interruption as each VPS gets moved to its new location and comes back online. Depending on if your VPS is one of the first or last to be ... Read More »

Dec 2nd PayPal Invoice Bug

There is currently a PayPal Instant Notification System Bug that effects the way that PayPal notifies external billing software. Because of this some users may experience invoices that they have paid not being marked as paid. Note: Your payment went thru fine, the system just didn't notify your invoice to switch from "unpaid" to ... Read More »

Oct 2nd Planned Network Maintenance for October 13, 2012

Planned Network Maintenance Date: October 13, 2012Start Time: 12:01AM PSTEnd Time: 3:00AM PST Description: Upgrades will be performed on the distribution router serving the server zone. As part of the upgrade, there will be a short service interruption as we work to upgrade and replace the router and associated gear. Expected service ... Read More »

Mar 5th Spring 2012 Security Tips

Paying attention to security online is always important. It seems like weekly there is another news story about a big company being hacked/compromised. Sony, Valve/Steam, Comodo, Zappos, and recently Linode; the list goes on and on. Even the biggest (and presumably more secure) companies/websites are not safe from being compromised. Here are some ... Read More »

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