There is currently a PayPal Instant Notification System Bug that effects the way that PayPal notifies external billing software. Because of this some users may experience invoices that they have paid not being marked as paid.

Note: Your payment went thru fine, the system just didn't notify your invoice to switch from "unpaid" to "paid".

Unfortunately, we have no control over this specific issue as PayPal runs the payment gateway, however, we are in communication with PayPal's Merchant Services team who have acknowledged the issue. They have notified us that is it is official PayPal policy to not roll out bug fixes during the busy holiday season for issues that are only effecting a small percentage of users (like this case). We will push them to get this done soon as soon as possible.

Solutions until PayPal rolls out a bug fix:

1. Avoid automatic subscription payments.

We have noticed that this issue is more likely to occur for users who use automatic subscription payments. When your invoice is updated after payment you will always receive a "Payment Confirmation" email from us. If you do not receive a "Payment Confirmation" email from us then your invoice will still be marked as "unpaid". Also, if you receive an "Invoice Overdue" email from us then you know that your invoice is still marked as "unpaid".

2. Adjust your billing cycle.

Dealing with invoices every month can be inconvenient. You can open up a ticket with Billing at any time and adjust your billing cycle to 3 or 6 month terms.

3. Add account credit.

You can use the "add funds" function from your client portal to add funds into your account as account credit. This way, these funds will be used to pay your invoice automatically first.

Example: You pay $5/month and add $25 credit to your account. You next 5 future generated invoices will automatically be paid using these funds.

4. Just let us know.

If you ever see that an invoice is still marked as paid when you know it was already paid, just let us know. Open up a ticket with Billing and tell them your PayPal email so they can look it up (and the PayPal transaction ID if you have it) and they will be happy to mark it paid for you.

Any way at all that we can ever help, just let us know. That is what we are here for.

The SecuredSpeed Team


Sunday, December 2, 2012

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