Paying attention to security online is always important. It seems like weekly there is another news story about a big company being hacked/compromised. Sony, Valve/Steam, Comodo, Zappos, and recently Linode; the list goes on and on. Even the biggest (and presumably more secure) companies/websites are not safe from being compromised. Here are some tips to be aware of.

1. Use HTTPS (SSL) when possible.

2. Use a unique strong password for every website/service.

One mistake Internet users often make it using the same password all over the place. This is really a bad idea because once one of these websites/accounts are compromsied, all of your accounts are compromised. Of course remembering strong unique password for every single account can be difficult. Most users prefer to use password managers like “KeePass” or “LastPass” to assist in this.

3. Don't share your account credentials.

This one is pretty self explanatory however in some cases it can be an issue. Often web designers, software upgraders, partners, etc may need server access. Instead of giving them your credentials and/or root access, create a separate user or FTP user account for them. Give them access only to the specific folder they need and delete their user account after they are done with what they need to do.

4. Report suspicious activity right away.

If you see suspicious activity on your account/server report it right away. We can work with you, check our logs, block off access, and help you change passwords from our end.

5. Be careful on public networks.

Getting some work done at the local coffee shop can be a nice break from the desk at home/work but you also are putting yourself at a higher risk of being compromised. Consider using a VPN to encrypt your traffic when using a public wifi hot-spot.

6. Just be smart.

If an offer is too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t get fooled into signing up for products, services, sweepstakes, contests, giveaways, that don’t come from a legitimate source.

-The SecuredSpeed Team


Monday, March 5, 2012

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